Owner Director, Trevor Oxnam, originated from a Ford Wrecking Yard. His passion is to provide remanufactured parts to fix the unfixable! Read more.


Sticky or slow responding window switches can cause motor burn out. 
Here we explain some of the tell tale signs to look out for so you don't have to replace a window motor as well as a switch.


Most Mazda's between 2002 - 2012 experience Power Window Failure due to a breakage in the window motor cog.
Read about the symptoms of window motor cog breakage and all the different models our remanufactured Window Motor Cog will fit.

GENUINE reconditioned vs aftermarket.

A cheaper aftermarket alternative may be appealing at first but can end up being the more expensive. Read more.

removing door cards.

Some door cards should only be removed by a specialists but most your everyday rides can be removed with some useful tools and tips.

We give you the best tips and tricks of removing door cards so you can see what's troubling your power windows.

trade secrets.

Save yourself hours in using the wrong tools or substances by checking out our Trade Secrets.
We cover Silicone Sprays, Plastic Glues, to highly recommended Power Tool Brands.