Sticky Window Switches

Sticky or slow responding window switches can cause motor burn out as they tend to hold power even if the window has reached its up or down position.

Causes for sticky window switches can range from food and drink spillage on the switch to the build up of dirt and grime due to sticky sprays and dust from regularly having the window down.

If you are using a switch that will not positively CLICK up or down, we highly recommend seeing your auto electrician to prevent a higher bill.

In some cases a window motor burnout cannot be prevented by addressing sticky switches due to faulty factory switches being installed across a range of vehicles. We have discovered this to be the case across the following range of Subaru vehicles:

Subaru SG Forester (2002 – 2008).
Subaru Liberty Gen 4 (2006 – 2009)
Subaru Impreza GD – GG (2001 – 03/2007)
Subaru Outback (2003 – 2009).

If you own any of the above models and find your power window is stuck in an up or down position, chances are you will find that the window motor has failed due to a burn out. You will need to replace both the motor and master switch to prevent another premature motor burnout.
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