Tips to care for your Power Windows.

Power window care tips

Power windows, just like most mechanical and electrical components in your vehicle, will degrade and fail over time due to wear and tear. But you can significantly effect the longevity of your power windows using our simple care tips.

1. Look after your door rubbers (bailey channel).
Ensure your window door rubbers are clean and in working condition. Dirt laden, hard brittle worn or dried rubbers is one of the most common culprits for window regulator failure. Clean or replace your door rubbers if they are in this condition.

2. Lubricate your bailey channels regularly with silicon spray.
Do not use grease as this will cause your rubbers to swell and the glass to seize when trying to go up swollen rubbers. 100% Silicon spray can be purchased from any Automotive Parts Store and used liberally to lubricate the channel where the glass travels through.

Once the bailey channel is lubricated the glass should slide up and down with great ease.

For ultimate care, the bailey channel should be re-lubricated every 6 months or more regularly if living in a dusty dry area or if the car is not garaged and regularly exposed to sever weather conditions.

NOTE: Do not cycle your glass up and down continuously for more than 3 – 4 cycles as this can cause your window motor to burn out. Allow the motor to rest 10 – 15 minutes before your cycle through again.

3. Use the Power Window lock.
Prevent little fingers from causing window motor burn out when playing with power windows using the Window lock.

4. Attend to sticky switches asap.
If any of your switches are not positively CLICKING up or down you will need to see if it can be cleaned or if you need to see an auto electrician about removing it to clean it as sticky switches causes power to go to the motor even if the window is up or down, causing motor burn out.

5. Do not buy second hand window regulators / motors from the wreckers!
Lastly, if your power window does fail and you need to fix the problem, do not source a second hand part from the wreckers as it’s only a matter of time till the second hand part fails.

Here at Powerwin Automotive we work on an exchange basis. We sell genuine OEM reconditioned parts on exchange for your broken genuine OEM unit so that we can recondition your broken unit with new cables, gears and cogs and keep the cycle going. We don’t recondition or recommend aftermarket window regulator or motor either as these are often of inferior quality.

Lastly we’ll leave you with a link to a Red Green episode on power windows that we love!