OEM vs Aftermarket Window Regulator

Should You Choose Genuine OEM, Powerwin Refurbished Genuine OEM, or Aftermarket Parts for Car Window Repair?

Your car window has been temperamental and not working properly for some time until one day it fails completely. The repair can no longer be put off and so it’s time to look for the best replacement option. Unfortunately when you’re looking for a replacement part, you’re all of a sudden bombarded with information and choices.
You can choose parts that third parties have made to fit your car, also known as aftermarket parts, or you can choose original equipment manufacturer parts, referred to as OEM parts. Then there is the third option – you can choose to work with us and purchase a Powerwin Refurbished OEM Window Regulator or Motor.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that aren’t sourced from the car manufacturer. They are created by third parties to replace original parts.┬áMany independent shops use aftermarket parts as they are generally cheaper than buying original parts directly from the manufacturer but they are also often inferior in quality, warranty, and support.
Be sure to shop around and do your research if you’re choosing aftermarket parts. Getting recommendations from friends on where to go and what brands to buy, as well as researching on the internet is a good way to find a shop that will be able to help you make good choices with aftermarket parts.


If you don’t know a lot about car repairs and are uncertain of quality aftermarket parts suppliers then OEM parts are the less-risky choice. OEM parts are original parts directly from the car’s original manufacturer. At times you may only have the option to buy a second hand OEM part from the wreckers as dealerships may no longer stock / manufacture them. If the part is still being manufactured they’re often a lot more expensive then aftermarket or second hand. You may also have to go through the original manufacturer in order to obtain them. Getting the part fitted by the original manufacturer also has higher labor costs. But on the plus side, they will come with 12 months warranty and a peace of mind whereas an OEM second hand part from the wreckers can be a gamble because if it’s a commonly breaking part then it’s only a matter of time until the second hand unit breaks, and they often come with only a short warranty period.

Choosing Powerwin Refurbished OEM Genuine Parts

Powerwin Refurbished OEM Genuine Parts are a balance between affordability and peace of mind. Because they’re refurbished units they are always more affordable than brand new OEM parts from the manufacturer. But, because they are genuine OEM parts and our speciality, you have added reassurance that they will be an easy to fit good quality part. We see and know weak points and commonly breaking units are strengthened or reinforced. We provide knowledge and expertise with a guaranteed fit and quality that you don’t get with aftermarket parts.
Get your car window repaired with the power window professionals. We have nearly two decades of experience in power window repairs. We handle refurbishing with expert precision so that we can give customers a peace of mind at an affordable price. Because of our length of experience, we can diagnose problems quickly and accurately to get your window running properly again. Google us to see our great ratings and customer reviews when choosing Powerwin Automotive.