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After years owning and working in a Ford wrecking yard, Business founder and owner Trevor took an interest in the many broken window regulators in Falcon wrecks. One Sunday he sat down and started tinkering and eventually worked out a way to fix them. This later led to manufacturing cogs, cables and plastic fittings for Ford Falcon's.

He then investigated repairing regulators for other models and from these humble beginnings Powerwin Automotive was born. Now, more than a decade later, we are the leaders in repairing and reconditioning OEM window regulators and motors for passenger vehicles of all makes and models, as well as remanufacturing unavailable slides, gears, and cogs to fix other usually difficult or costly repairs. Such as the odometer cogs that breaks in Ford XF Falcon's.

Meet the Team

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The Team

Sales, Workshop, Accounts, and IT

Purchase a Powerwin Product

Most of our reconditioned units are available for purchase over the phone to enable us to identify the best fix / product for you, as often there are variables between same make and models of vehicles.



We have a large selection of Couriers that we work with to get your goods to you as close as possible to when you need it, with Premium Delivery available to most Australian addresses (does not include NT).


Receive, Fit, Repack, Dispatch

The process is often as easy as:
1. Remove the broken unit
2. Refit our reconditioned unit
3. Pack the broken unit back in to our Box
4. Resend the broken unit to us using the most cost effective method.

Core Return

We recommend purchasing a CORE RETURN from $25.00 at the time of your purchase, so you simply lodge a pick up request via our website. Once it has been organized from our end, you will receive an email with a con. note attached—print and attach the label, then wait for the courier to arrive within 24 hours!


Receive Refund

If you were charged a Core Deposit at the time of purchasing your Powerwin Reconditioned Unit we will refund the deposit when we receive your complete broken unit. Our 100% refundable Core Deposit ranges from $35.00 - $125.00. We may reduce your core deposit refund if your broken unit is missing components. Call for more information.